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Baltimore Port reopens at full capacity after bridge collapse accident

The navigation channel of the Port of Baltimore is fully operational again after being closed for over two months due to the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The closure followed a collision on March 26, where a 96,000-ton cargo ship lost power and struck the bridge, resulting in its collapse and the tragic loss of six construction workers’ lives.

Colonel Estee Pinchasin, the district commander of Baltimore, announced the reopening, emphasizing the successful restoration of full operational capacity while acknowledging the loss and impact on the victims’ families and the workforce.

The recovery efforts required the removal of approximately 50,000 tons of debris from the Patapsco River. The operation involved over 2,000 personnel, 24 tugboats, 13 floating cranes, and 10 excavators.

The ship, a container vessel named Dalí, was immobilized in the channel until May 20. Its removal allowed the partial reopening of the channel, and by the end of May, cruise ships resumed operations. The final clearance of the channel was completed last week, ensuring safe passage for all maritime traffic.

The Port of Baltimore is a critical hub for international cargo, and the channel’s closure significantly impacted the local economy, jeopardizing tens of thousands of jobs. While the total cost of rebuilding the bridge remains uncertain, federal assistance has been pledged by President Joe Biden. The Insurance Information Institute estimates the bridge reconstruction alone could exceed $1.2 billion.

This news reflects the resilience and collaborative effort of multiple agencies in restoring one of the country’s vital economic arteries.

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