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In Redlines Group, we are reliable commercial and logistics partners, always accompanying our regular customers in an optimal way, and, in addition, we now take care of redesigning routes to support the development of new business projects.

Just as shipping companies are at the forefront, at Redlines Group we are not far behind in terms of constant innovation in the maritime market. We have changed our quotation scheme to effectively close more business deals, and, as a result, we offer maritime transport solutions to and from anywhere in the world, with the aim of analyzing the most satisfactory transshipments options for our customers and thus guarantee the shortest possible transit time.

We are an international shipping company that plays a key role in controlling Multimodal operations for project cargoes through Pacific Ports. We offer our warehouses in Hong Kong, Shanghai (China) and Miami (United States) as an Integrated Service to make the transport of your cargo more efficient and profitable.