We have a wide network of agents at an international level

We are a company that is part of a wide network of logistics agents located all over the world, including America, Asia, the Far East, and Europe. Thanks to our alliances and memberships, we can offer air shipment handling, loose cargo, full container handling, Isotanks, and Break Bulk services to or from Chile and Bolivia.

For the development of the Bolivian market, the Chilean ports of Arica, Iquique, Antofagasta, and Mejillones have been key for the management of cargo entry and exit, and our ability to handle documentation in a timely and efficient manner has allowed Redlines Group to be present and position itself in the panorama and challenges of foreign trade.

In addition to the ports mentioned above, other ports such as Valparaíso, San Antonio, and San Vicente have been key strategic points to establish our operating systems and improve our multimodal services for our customers’ imports and exports.

At the national level, in both countries where our operations are located, we have developed a network of representatives, sub-agents, and office liaisons that allow us to operate and handle customs procedures and deliveries of merchandise in secondary cities and remote areas of difficult access.