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End of blockades in Perú

End of blckades in Perú
The Vice Minister of Foreign Trade of Bolivia, Benjamín Blanco, reported that the blockade in Desaguadero was lifted as a result of the political crisis in Perú, which immobilized 399 trucks. 

He also indicated that “It is simply a space of time to be able to supply food and to be able to have commercial activity”. He also explained that Customs and the Bolivian Binational Border Assistance Center (Cebaf) coordinated with Peruvian Customs to reopen the border and let trucks pass to the Bolivian side, with the blockade suspended only in Desaguadero. 

December 22, 2022
For further information, visit the link: https://portalportuario.cl/camioneros-bolivianos-varados-en-peru-podran-volver-a-su-pais-tras-fin-a-bloqueos/

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