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Custom Procedures


Custom Procedures

With Redlines Group, the procedure for dispatching through Customs is rapid and seamless.

The extensive knowledge and experience of Redlines Group in global procedures of Customs dispatches, long with our strong relationships with international Customs authorities, offer real efficiencies to their supply chains, enabling them to save time and money in their freight transporting.

In Redlines Group, we are able to provide timely and precise Customs services, directly in the Customs of Bolivia, Chile and the rest of the world, helping you to avoid delays in the importing and exporting shipments.

Combine our Customs and transport procedures services to ensure precise Customs compliance and the timely delivery of your merchandise. Whether your freight is transported by sea, air or land, we will help you to reduce the risk of delays or fines.

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Custom Procedures


Because our Company is unique, we provide our service with the characteristics required by our customers.


Redlines Group present around the world along with our logistical partners on each Continent, we coordinate freight shipments in accordance with the Incoterm (terms of international transaction), we make possible the commercial interchange of exportation and importation, creating communication platforms to shorten distances quickly and efficiently.

Support 24/7

Through our Call Center 24/7, we are in contact with our Suppliers, International Agents and external services to supervise the processes of shipments and being on line with the customers to support them in their immediate needs of updating, checking and quoting around the world.

Cargo Tracking

The use of advanced technology enables us to perform follow-ups of shipments through our tracking system placed in our website as the main on line channel, which enables us to do quotes, checks and other information of interest. Each shipment has an Transport Order (OT) or entering Container Number, which is updated regularly.

International Fleet

Given the geographical characteristics of Chile and Bolivia with regard to the location of their cities, ports, airports and neurological centers of freight movement and storage of merchandise, we have a high degree of land logistical support that enables us to meet the requirements of each load in the development of Intermodal service with overloaded General Loads and dangerous merchandise.

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